With 100 percent focus on healthcare organizations,

Fortified Health Solutions

is able to help you demonstrate, document and maintain compliance. Our variety of services is designed to analyze, detect and expose the unknown, giving you the opportunity to find and address any deficiencies before your adversaries do.

Advisory Services

iStock_000036791656_XXXLargeCovered entities and business associates of every size are increasingly subject to formal regulation for IT security. With Fortified Health Solutions as your partner, you will be better able to understand the Code of Federal Regulations and empowered to implement HIPAA compliant procedures.

The key component of compliance is Risk Analysis. When Fortified Health Solutions performs Risk Analysis, we detect any deficiencies in meeting HIPAA safeguards and compliance standards.

A Risk Analysis helps covered entities understand any deficiencies in their ability to meet standards set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) administrative, physical and technical safeguards.

Managed Services and Consulting

Fortified Health Solutions provides a comprehensive range of HIPAA Security Services. These include Vulnerability Threat Management, Security Information Event Monitoring, sensitive information discovery, remediation, security consulting, penetration testing, forensic investigation and analysis, and Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO).


There are many considerations beyond Risk Analysis, and Fortified Health Solutions has the expertise to get you through. Whether it’s remediation planning, policy creation, IT configuration or implementation, Fortified Health Solutions is your partner in going beyond Risk Analysis.


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